Mile High Mystics
Saturday, October 20th 2018
Presented in the Garden Room @ the Hassayampa Hotel
(visit the above link for a 1 minute video
about getting to the workshop location)

10:00am  – Thomas Rhoads – The Mystical Path of the Milky Way

For many of us the first constellation we earned was the Milky Way. Later the Egyptians with their point of view saw the Milky Way above relating to the Nile River below. Cave painting reveal their designs include not only constellations but accrual stars as elemental objects. Yes, 2012 was all about the Earth crossing through the plane of the Milky Way. The Milky Way is central to many concepts of the Ancient ones and our understanding of Spirit. Come and join us as we explore our Mystical Ascension Path!!!

11:00am  – To Be Announced

12:00pm – DeeDee Freeman – Create a Personal Mandala

Creating a mandala is a meditative process, a journey inward to our center and an expression outward from the soul. Mandalas can be used to focus on a specific situation to gain insight into ourselves and our role in the world. The process is not about creating beautiful art; it is about connecting with your inner voice. Be prepared for a fun and insightful experience!!!

(Please bring a notebook and pen.)

1:00pm – Lewis Tucker – Using Crystals to Create Grids and Layouts

An introduction to the healing and protective powers of crystal and minerals when configured with intention.

2:00pm – John Kohlenberger – The Chalice

How to drink the nectar from the chalice of life. As we all live our lives, we drink from the Chalice of Life itself. John will present some thoughts about why we have both the joys and sorrows in our lives and how to drink in more joy along our path. Your heart-felt questions are welcome. A discussion may follow.

3:00pm – James Knochel – To Be Announced