Cary Graller is a licensed and insured Massage Therapist.
He studied Shiatsu, deep tissue work and trained with Michael Young for
Repetitive Use Injury Therapy (RUIT) and studied THAI massage. Cary’s unique
style and approach to massage/body work incorporates aspects of pressure point
work, deep tissue muscle release and energy-balancing work.  Cary offers
healings sessions at the Mile High Mysics Shows.  Contact at 928-899-6069
or Email:



Debra Taylor is an Angel Communicator who obtains insights concerning any life challenges as well as deceased loved-ones.  She offers 20 minute readings at Mile High Mystics Shows.  Your session is a question-answer conversation with your own angels through Debra.  Her work includes consultations, teleclasses, spiritual communication instruction, hypnotherapy, and dream interpretation.  Her guidebook entitled “Born to Hear Heaven’s Helpers” is available on her website,  Visit her website:  Facebook:  Phone:  928-772-6826 or Email:


Nancy Miller

Aura Photography




Rev.  John Kohlenberger is your Prescott Quantum Energy Healer conveying healing vibrations through the power of Universal LOVE, within all Spiritual Energy and Akina Reiki.  John has trained in Reiki, Shiatsu, Meridian opening, Chakra Balancing, Vital Life Force enhancement,
Polarity Therapy, Distance and Hands-on Spiritual Healing.  He does healings at the Mile High Mystic Shows.  John also can be found at the Mystical Spiritualist Church Healing Services, monthly at 1:00 pm on the 3rd Sunday and Inspirational Services the 1st Sunday, visit
John teaches at Yavapai College OLLI.  Contact; Phone:  928-776-1686,
Cell:  949-246-2524.  Email:  Or visit



Lana Ante is a clairvoyant, intuitive counselor, and an empathic.  She is ordained in two metaphysical churches:  FreedomQuest Church, a component of The Light of Understanding, and Sanctuary of the Beloved.  She does readings at the Mile High Mystics Shows and private readings by appointment.  Lana specializes in relationships, 12-step recovery issues, and focuses on helping people set themselves free.  With forgiveness of others and ourselves, a key point in the healing process, she helps clients walk through the grieving process of loss, and to learn how to start over using release techniques and ceremony.  Lana is the founder of the Mile High Mystics, and a founding member of the Mountain Spirit Co-Op (formerly located at 107 N. Cortez).  She has been in Prescott since 1992, when she moved from San Diego.  Contact at 928-717-4499.  Email:



Linda Lee is a Reiki Master who blends several healing
modalities including ThetaHealing, pendulum and pyramid clearing, crystals, and channeling angels and other spiritual beings.  During the Mile High Mystic Shows she
offers healing sessions to clear auras and balance chakras.  During a regular session in her office, her sessions include healing to clear issues, situations and relationships, clear karma and past lives, clear ancient vows of chastity and poverty, clear emotions and “broken hearts”, clear spaces and land with feng shui, and more.  Contact Linda by Email:



Fifteen years ago Thomas began channeling after hearing a voice that identified itself as Mary , Queen of Heaven.  This channeling took place during the latest Iraq war and provided insight into Mary’s Peace Plan for Planet Earth.  Mary directs Thomas through inspiration of compassion, love and and her infinite wisdom.  He channels Mary’s direct messages weekly and is often joined by St Germaine, Isis, Nikiri, Mary Magdalene and St Thomas.  Now Thomas, though sharing these messages with friends previously, is expanding these messages to others open to receive.  Receiving messages from departed ones, Thomas brings words of comfort and peace with news for loved ones.  Ascension and spiritual evolution is exactly what Thomas’ ministry is about.  He is currently writing, sharing his personal metaphysical experiences with others the joys of our collective journey on Planet Earth.  Many are interested in getting in touch with their own spirituality.  Though science has its place, Thomas can help to bring personal spirituality out of the “back forty”  and into full awareness.


James Knochel
James’ information table covers the Edgar Cayce readings, and how to implement Cayce’s universal insights into the human condition.


Stacey Ferrell

Stacey is an animal communicator – please click on her name above for her full biography.


DeeDee Freeman

Greetings! My name is DeeDee Freeman, and I have been a student of the Metaphysical Arts for nearly 25 years. As an intuitive tarot reader, I’m fascinated by the complexity of individual cause-and-effect. I love helping people make better decisions, and truly enjoy taking the time to connect with the seeker on a deep, intuitive level. Formulating the appropriate question and then selecting the best card spread is key to delivering an inspired answer!



Sandra is our Greeter at the Mile High Mystics Shows and will
be happy to assist you in getting familiar with our Readers and Healers at the
show when you come!  She will also have an email list at the front greeting
area where you can sign up to receive emails about upcoming shows.  She
will give you information on all the guest speakers at the shows and the
charities that some of the proceeds of the show go to and where you might be
able to contribute.